Web Services Tutorial

Get the Code Here : Support me on Patreon : PHP : MySQL : PHP / MySQL : In my web services tutorial I will cover generating JSON and XML. We’ll then walk through examples in which we use REST, SOAP and RPC (Remote Procedure Calls). We’ll pull data from databases and if you haven’t […]

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10 WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Do you want to use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies on your WordPress site? There is a chance that you might already be using one. In this article, we will share some WordPress plugins that are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer smarter features for your website. What is Artificial Intelligence and […]

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How to Restore the Get Shortlink Button in WordPress

Do you want to make a shortlink of your WordPress blog posts or pages? WordPress shortlinks are useful for sharing in your emails, facebook messages, or even text messages. It was a default feature until WordPress version 4.4. Recently, one of our readers questioned how to bring back the get shortlink feature in WordPress. In […]

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