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#3 Hacking 101 – JavaScript injection – web security tutorial

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In this tutorial series we will learn how to hack a web application.


HACKING IS ILLEGAL. Don’t be evil!
Do not hack anyone’s website. Use this information to make your own application more secure.

This tutorial is for educational purposes, we learn to hack to know how hackers work, to make our own web application more secure. Web security is an vital factor when developing web apps. An Attacker can inject HTML, JavaScript or SQL into an web app if an web app is not secure. We will learn about XSS so called cross-site scripting attacks.

This is the third part of this tutorial series. We will talk about injections – especially about JavaScript injections. We learn how an attacker could introduce their own JS code to harm our website.
Off course we will learn how to fix this.

I am not liable for any special, direct or indirect hurt or for any other hurt resulting from the use of information presented in this video.

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