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Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool Tutorial for Logos and Typography

Posted On October 27, 2018 at 6:54 pm by / No Comments

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Swoosh Tutorial:

This tutorial covers how to use the pen tool inside Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial is specifically made to show you how to use the pen tool in the most efficient way possible in order to reduce the number of points you make, and increase the amount of control you have with fine tune adjustments of those points.

There are many different possible ways to use the pen tool inside Illustrator, but the method shown in this video is generally considered to be one of the most technically right, and therefore the best to use when dealing with very exacting design work like logos and typography.

Some quick tips are to always hold shift when making your points (except in specific circumstances pointed out in this video) to make sure that the arcs on your lines align themselves properly. Basically you always want to pull your curves in a pure vertical or horizontal manner. Also only place pen tool points on the beginning, middle, and end of a curve. Don’t place points in a section that is continually curving because it will likely just end up complicating your paths. An example of this is the center point of the “S” shape as demonstrated in this tutorial.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
Pen Tool: P
Selection Tool (Black Arrow): V
Direct Selection Tool (White Arrow): A

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