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C# Tutorial – How to create multi language using Resource Manager and Culture Info | FoxLearn

Posted On March 25, 2020 at 5:48 am by / No Comments

Make multilanguage application in c#, store multiple language in sql database, then you can generate language resource by using resource manager.


Through c# examples you can learn the best way to implement multi-language/globalization in large .net.

You can make a table to store your language to play the demo how to make a multi-language application in c#. We will connect to sql database, then allows you to add multiple language to sql database.

Next, make a simple demo multilingual support in c# windows application.

You can c# make language dictionary to store multi language in c# winform.

You can make c# change language at runtime

You should make multi language resource file, then you can make multi language software in c# using c# resource file. Make our application c# multilingual support

I hope so through this video you can learn how to localize windows forms and change the language at runtime c# .net


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