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CSS3 Media Queries Tutorial, How to Use Media Queries

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Access the full course + source code:

Let me question you a question: Are you a CSS or a CSS3 developer? Are you fully ready for the mobile web?

One of the things that separates a horrific website from a clean, responsive and professional looking website is whether it’s built on outdated CSS practices or it’s using ninja-worthy CSS3 techniques.

Upgrade Your Skills with CSS3 in 1 Hour is a Zenva original title made by Ashley Menhennett, technical author, web developer and designer from Australia. In this online training, you’ll learn the main modules and techniques CSS3 has to offer, so that you can build responsive, clean and gorgeous websites that can be showed in all devices.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to incorporate the following techniques to your developer toolbelt:

Dealing with the mobile web: viewport tag and CSS3 media queries.
Making responsive layouts for any screen size, whether it’s a mobile phones, a tablets, a desktop computers or even one of those fancy smart TV’s!
CSS3 transforms, transitions and animations.
Decorating containers with rounded borders and background images.
Using advanced CSS3 selectors to code your stylesheets like a ninja.
Make 3D buttons.
Incorporate webfonts into your web projects.

Upgrade your skills and become a CSS3 ninja. Be up to the task for the challenges of the mobile web

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