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Duplicator WordPress Plugin Tutorial – NB! check description for link to new video.

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NB! I have made a new how to use Duplicator plugin video:

For additional information check my web site.
A Pro version of Duplicator has been made that adds scheduling, storage, better handling of larger sites, custom templates, dedicated support and more.

January 2014.
– A new WP admin section for Duplicator has been developed. It will make it simpler to add new features in future versions.
– Basic multisite capabilities are now in place. Which will back up your full multisite (even though you back up from a subsite it will backup the full multisite).

If this was really helpful for you I would appreciate a donation through Paypal to:

For support issues please check the support forum for the plugin:

Part 2 shows how to install multiple sites within a sub folder for your domain:

I used the approach for a school project where students needed their own site. They way I chose to use was Duplicator to clone a site, upload to a folder in a domain I have. Make multiple folders and copy the package and installer file into each folder. Then log into CPanel and make databases for each site. This way I could with some work make multiple sites within a sub folder. Example: www.domain.com/subfolder.


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