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How To Make A Website in Under 13 mins – Step By Step Tutorial

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How To Make A Website – For The Full Step By Step Tutorial visit: http://www.SimpleWebTutorials.com

Now you can make your own website in a matter of minutes using the power of WordPress. All you need is a few minutes to follow our step by step tutorials and you will have your website up and running in no time.

There are 5 Basic Steps required to build a website, they are:

1: Register A Domain Name
The first thing you need when you make a website is a domain name, we use and recommend Godaddy.com to register the domain for your new website.

2: Setup A Web Host Account
In order for your newly made website to be online and available to the world 24/7, you will need to host it somewhere, We use and recommend Hostgator.com for all your web hosting needs.

3: Configure Your Domain & Webhosting
In order to make your domain and your webhosting talk to each other, you need to point your domain’s name servers towards your web host. It sounds technical, but its really simple and only takes 30 seconds to do, just follow our step by step video to get it done.

4: Install WordPress
In order to make a website look fantastic and function properly, it needs to run off a CMS (Content Management System) The most well loved CMS around and the moment is wordpress, which is currently estimated to be running millions of websites. We will show you how to set it up in just a few clicks and get a basic website up and running.

5: Customize Your Website
Once you have made your basic website, you will need to customize it to look and function but you need it. In this video we show you a few basics, but we have tons more video tutorials on how to customize your site on our website…


That’s about it for this video, if you have any questions about how to make your own website, or need any help with anything, we are pleased to help, you just need to question…


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