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How to add a custom domain in Github Pages – Tutorial 2

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In this video, I’m configuring custom URL to my website which is hosted on Github Pages.

Domain name used:

Github custom domain IP: and (use any or both)

You can find these IPs here(if they ever change):

Here is the video for the step before this
Making a website on Github:

and the video for the step after this
Adding a subdomain to the website:

Steps for adding custom domain:

1. Adding CNAME file to the gh-pages branch of your repository.
Go to the repository where you have hosted your website and click on ‘New File’. Name the file as CNAME without any extension. Now, inside the CNAME file write your domain name you want to host it as. For my example it is truejewels.in. Now commit your file to the repository. Make sure you are still in the gh-pages branch.

2. Adding A record in the DNS Zone Records
Login to the website(im my case godaddy) where you bought your website. Go to your domain and click on something similar to ‘Manage Domain’. Now go to DNS Zone File option. Now click on Add Record and add an A record with following configuration

Host: @
Points to:

Add another if you like

Host: @
Points to:

Click on End and Save.

And that’s about it. Do not rush though. It will take a while to propagate. So grab a cup of coffee. Once you are done, hit your URL 🙂

Ok, couldn’t figure it out? Just leave a comment. I will try to fix.

*No CLI or Terminal
*Only html coding

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Note: These videos are more focused on web designers and developers.

Disclaimer: English is not my mother tongue.


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