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How To Create A Website For Beginners 2018 [IN 20 MINUTES]

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How To Make A Website For Beginners 2018

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If at some point of your life you wanted to make or just wanted to know how to build a website, then this video will be really useful to you!

If you go buy the commercials and the ads for the various platforms you will know that it is very simple to do. Today we’ll show you 3 ways on how you can build your own website for your business or anything else.

I have used one of these ways myself so I know how to make a website 2018 and it is really simple to do! You will see when you make your own website. I say it from a firsthand experience.

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So lets make a website 2018. After we get over the website building tools we’ll go on to domains which are the simplest part of all! I try to make this stupid simple. So no matter what your skill level is, You will know how to make a website. I also make sure it’s going to be cheap to make. I always use free themes from WordPress, But only the ones that look professional. The overall goal anytime i make a video is to make it as cheap as possible when it comes to the cost but as professional as i can make it look when it comes to the design layout.


WordPress is basically software which allows you to learn how to make a website for beginners and develop your website online simpler, its open source website creation tool written in PHP. Lots and lots of people are using it these days to build their own websites but this is kind of complicated for a starter so for anyone who uses this tool, it will take him/her some time to get used to WordPress and anyone who tries it, will have to look at some tutorials. After all of that is done then it becomes a really sweet ride which is incredible if you or anyone else wants to develop a quick website or something serious.

I like to help people out, Especially if there new to something that i have some knowledge about. It’s never fun when your starting out and your really clueless. It’s possible to get a website free of cost but its also tough too because it can be limited.

Trust me I’ve been there when learning how to make a website for beginners and i had to kind of learn about it the hard way (the slow way) but hopefully we can cut that learning curve in this web design tutorial for beginners and for you so you can see how to make a website for beginners and get your new website up and rolling!

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Hiring a web developer is certainly a cool way to do it, but it isn’t cheap at all. That’s why I made this and you may need a web developer but only if you can afford one. To keep working on it over and over again making a huge hole in the budget you may have when finding out how to make a website for beginners!

This is a excellent way to get a excellent grasp of website making and go if you have the money but depending on how much your willing to spend, It might be simpler to take the twenty minutes in this how do you make a website video and just do it yourself for $12 bucks and then you will also learn something new and if you ever needed to make a website again you can do it without getting someone to do it for you. It seems like one of the toughest things when you want to find out how to make a website for beginners when your first starting but in this video you’ll see how it was made simple.

Domains and Domain Names:

Do any of you guys reckon you can build a site by yourself and might question urself how do i make a website and learn how to make a website for beginners with no help from anyone if you have never ever did it before? Most likely not, That is why i want to get this across to as many people possible.

A excellent example of a place and the best website builder where you can buy domain and domain names is GoDaddy (what we use in this how to make a website for beginners video) and it help when learning how to make a website for beginners which is extremely simple to use; you just search for domain names until you’re pleased with any of them, once you find the perfect domain name you buy it and do whatever you want with it and you can take it anywhere you want too, you bought it and as long as you keep paying for it, it’s completely yours!

Another fantastic tool for web design and domain names and buying them is wix which is basically the same as GoDaddy but has a different user interface where you have to sign up before you do anything, nothing impossible to do and it’s very simple just to buy your own domain name and keep it to yourself.

Don’t get discouraged, I know its tough in web development and the beginning and for a lot of people but in the end i know with my help and a small bit of work we can get a site up the website for your business you get to show off to all your friends and family and earn money on the side from it as well!


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