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How to edit and add new posts in Jekyll blog online – Tutorial 8

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[No CLI used] In tutorial 4 I have showed how to make a blog in Github Pages. In this video I will be showing how to edit or make a new post in the blog.

Blog we made in Tut 4 : redgadget.github.io/emerald/
New post made:

Adding new posts to Jekyll blog simple by having a local copy of your blog repository and add post to it and push the changes back to Github. But this is hard for many beginners.

The other way is logging in to your blog repository in Github and add a new file in the same format as other posts are in.

But this is not practical, you cannot do the same thing every single time you want to post something. So in order to edit jekyll blog posts online, we are using a tool called prose.io.


Using this webapp we can easily edit any file inside our blog. Especially for posts this app is tailor made.

Refer to the playlist for complete tutorial on Github Pages and hosting websites and blogs on it.

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Note: These videos are more focused on web designers and developers.

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