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How to Install Jekyll Themes? – Tutorial 12

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Learn how to use a Jekyll Theme for your website, blog or prtfolio. I will be discussing some of the common issues that we face while installing and also how to resolve them.

I’m using Lanyon Jekyll Theme as an example. This method can also be used on Hyde and Poole and other themes.


When I started using Jekyll I was nearly pulled away from it because of the errors I used to get. The problem was not Jekyll being meticulous about its code but me being a jerk not go through the documentations! Most of us are those guys who run a nuclear reactor without knowing how it works.

I have discussed the following
1. The early Jekyll issues
2. Jekyll no style (css) issue (missing stylesheet)
3. Jekyll baseurl issue

Refer to the playlist for the complete tutorial on Github Pages and hosting websites and blogs on it.

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Note: These videos are more focused on web designers and developers.

Disclaimer: English is not my mother tongue.


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