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How To Use Artboards Photoshop CC 2015 Tutorial – Create Web Page Designs Part – 18/48

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How To Use Artboards Photoshop CC 2015 Tutorial Make Web Page Designs Part – 18/48 In this video, you’ll learn how to use artboards in Photoshop CC 2015.

Video Transcript:

0:00hey my name is Dan and by the end of
0:03this video you’ll learn how vital
0:05Photoshop up boards are to the
0:07professional web designer this
0:09particular video is a free extract from
0:11my course called how to make money
0:12building official website mock-ups using
0:14Photoshop if you’re serious about making
0:16money as a web designer there’s a
0:18discount code for you in the description
0:19that’s it no more sales pitch let’s
0:21become our board lovers together Wow
0:24does it look creepy on them hi in this
0:27video we’re going to look at Art boards
0:28so artboards is a new feature that came
0:31out in Photoshop CC 2015 now if you’re
0:34using later version it’s going to work
0:35fine if you’re using an earlier version
0:36though there was no such thing as
0:38outboards in 2014 so what you’re going
0:40to have to do is you’re going to have to
0:42use just separate pages but if you are
0:44using my vision or later essentially all
0:46they are is a way of having multiple
0:47pages on the one document rather than
0:50separating them into separate Photoshop
0:52documents so to do it let’s go to file
0:54its going to new and let’s pick up board
0:57from the new document window and let’s
0:59put in our wits that we discussed
1:01earlier in terms of the physical sizes
1:03of our let’s start with our desktop view
1:05so desktops going to be 960 pixels by a
1:09height of now the height doesn’t really
1:10matter and because websites change
1:12height depending on what the content is
1:14so I’m going to place in let’s say 1500
1:17and click OK this is my first Apple it’s
1:21called outboard one and you can see my
1:22layers here it’s a slightly new one if
1:24you’re used to using Photoshop before
1:26there’s a slightly new kind of grouping
1:28system without boards so i’m going to
1:30double-click outboard one to rename it
1:32and i’m going to call this one this
1:33one’s going to be called desktop and
1:35it’s going to be 960 pixels wide fantastic
1:38you can see the name changes along the
1:39top here and so to add another view sell
1:42its will work on our tablet view next we
1:44there’s couple different ways of doing
1:46it the simplest way I’ve found is using
1:47layer new and using this one this is our
1:50board okay so this one’s going to be
1:52called tablet and it’s going to be 720
1:55pixels wide okay I’m going to make sure
1:58it says 720 pixels down here use the
2:00same height click OK and it slips it and
2:03next to it there right so the last view
2:05we’re going to do is the mobile view so
2:07we’re going to go along to layer new
2:08we’re going to go to our board and we’re
2:11going to
2:11mobile and this one is going to be 360
2:15pixels okay that’s just the name along
2:17the top there i need to really change
2:19the pixels down the bottom here and
2:21we’ll use the same height and we’ll
2:22click okay fantastic so we’ve got tablet
2:25view desktop view and mobile view all
2:27next to each other now where it becomes
2:28quite useful is when you start designing
2:30across all three and you want to make
2:32sure they’re all consistent so let’s say
2:33that I’m going to use my rectangle tool
2:35I’m going to pick a swatch color in here
2:37in your random color and not that color
2:40so one of the huge perks for using
2:42outboards is the fact that i can draw
2:45something that’s really quite far over
2:46the edge here you see it’s quite over
2:48the edge here and i’ll let go you see it
2:49crops it down to my desktop view it’s a
2:51nice small feature now the next thing i
2:53want to do is I want the same let’s say
2:55this is my nav bar and so i’m going to
2:57double-click this is my huge navigation
2:59bar on the top ok so I’ve double-click
3:01the name down the bottom and renamed it
3:02I now want to go it across now I’m

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