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How to use Source Tree with Github – Tutorial 6

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In this video, I have showed how to use Source Tree application from Atlassian with Github. I have taken a scenario where two employees ‘John’ and ‘Sharath’ work on a same project so that you get a honest thought on how PUSH and PULL works in git.

John: Developer
Sharath: Designer

The steps followed in the source tree tutorial video are

1. Download and install source tree :

2. Make a new repository in Github and make gh-pages branch (as we are working on web development)

3. John clones the repository in SourceTree to a local folder.

4. Sharath also clones the repository to a local folder.

5. John adds a index.html file and codes it with a basic html scaffolding and button and commits to repository.

6. Sharath pulls the changes did by John and he adds some style to the index.html and commits it to the repository.

7. John again pulls the changes did by Sharath and sees that the complete website is hosted.

Website made by John and Sharath working together:

Refer to the playlist for complete tutorial on Github Pages and hosting websites, blogs on it.

*No CLI or Terminal
*Only html coding

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Note: These videos are more focused on web designers and developers.

Disclaimer: English is not my mother tongue.


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