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HTML Web Programming Tutorial Series – #5 Creating Headings & Horizontal Lines

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HTML Web Programming Tutorial Series – #5 Making Headings & Horizontal Lines
This is the fifth of a series of roughly 15 videos with the ultimate goal of teaching you from the ground up, how to make your very own website utilizing HTML, giving you a foundation for what’s to come in the following series teaching you CSS & Javascript.

In this episode we will be making headings with different levels of importance ranging from 1 through 6 allowing you to organize your content better. In addition to that, I also introduce you to horizontal lines & how they can be used to break up content serving as a divider. The tags which I go over in this episode include:

H1-6 (Headings)
HR (Horizontal Lines)
Center (Center Allignment)

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Resource Page –

In the next video we will be introducing you to the image tags inside of HTML allowing you to make image and play around with some of the different settings.

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