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JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) – Tutorial 01

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Website + download source code @ | 00:20 What is a JAAS Authentication tutorial?
| 01:20 What interfaces are implemented in a JAAS enabled application?
| 03:20 What is a JAAS login configuration file?
| 03:40 What is one way to specify the login configuration file to be used by a JAAS enabled application?
| 04:20 How to instantiate a LoginContext in a JAAS enabled application?
| 05:20 How to allow a user multiple login attempts in a JAAS enabled application?
| 07:00 What is the initialize method in a LoginModule?
| 07:25 What is the handle method in a CallbackHandler?
| 08:20 What are different types of Callback in a JAAS application?
| 09:00 What is NameCallback?
| 09:30 What is a PasswordCallback?
| 10:30 How to indicate a failed login in a JAAS enabled application?
| 12:20 How to prompt a user for authentication info in a JAAS enabled application?
| 14:15 What sequence of events happens in a JAAS enabled application when authenticating a user?


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