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Kali Linux GUI Basics Tutorial | ITflee.com

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Kali Linux GUI Basics Tutorial | ITflee.com

This is a video from our new hacking course that will go live on our website itflee.com and Udemy.com. To get updates about the new course and a chance to earn a free enrollment, subscribe at

In this lecture you will learn how to work efficiently with the Kali Linux Operating System. We will cover the layout of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), how to manage and use workspaces, how to find and launch applications, how to customize your operating system, how to make user accounts with the GUI, change or disable the automatic screen lock setting, and more.

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Video Timeline:
0:06 – Powering on the VM
0:26 – Full-screen shortcut (right-ctrl + f)
0:59 – Login (use root, toor)
1:22 – Top right corner of GUI
1:33 – Using workspaces in Kali Linux
1:41 – Opening a new workspace
2:29 – Opening multiple instances in multiple workspaces
3:34 – Applications
4:20 – Making a user account with the GUI
5:11 – Changing or disabling the auto screen lock feature
6:06 – Log off or power off Kali Linux


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