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Plaxis Tutorial – Workflow of PLAXIS 3D

Posted On November 20, 2020 at 6:56 am by / No Comments

Explanation of the workspace and workflow of PLAXIS 3D. First the different panes are clarified. Secondly a simple model is made, calculated and the results are inspected.
Large tunnels in soft rock or hard soil are now often constructed using full face excavation associated with ground reinforcements. Such works induce complex interactions between the soil, the reinforcements and existing structures, which are hard to model precisely.

In order to improve the understanding of ground response to this tunnelling method, and to collect precise data for validating numerical models, two comprehensive monitroing sections have been installed during the construction of the south Toulon tunnel in France.

In this video the modelling of this tunnel is shown in PLAXIS 3D 2010, to determine the effects of the construction on the surrounding area. Special attention is given to the simple import of data, refining of mesh, and results focusing on displacements.

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