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[TUTORIAL] Most EFFICIENT HTML/CSS WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Software Setup: SublimeText3/Emmet/LiveReload

Posted On November 20, 2018 at 4:59 am by / No Comments

Tutorial Description: The Website Development work we do is facilitated by the tools we use. So it makes sense to use tools that give your creative output more freedom, while saving you work and time, right? RIGHT! Sublime Text 3 is an HTML/CSS Editing Program/Software that allows you to harness the power of plugins, packages, themes, and more to be more efficient and productive with your time! Why write HTML when you can have your computer do it for you using shortcode notation with the Emmet/Zen-Coding plugin/package? Why go to when you can simply use a plugin to do it natively in Sublime Text using the ‘ColorPicker’ plugin/package? Why manually refresh to view/test updates in your code, when you can use LiveReload to refresh for you! Ever since I started working in SublimeText3, I have been incredibly more productive and resourceful with my time coding. Its an overall incredible editor, that I have been wanted to share with you guys for quite a while now!

By far my favorite plugin from this tutorial is Emmet. It makes quickly jotting down html and css so much simpler. Type in a few words and it automatically lays out an empty skeleton framework that you can fill out with tags and information. THAT is powerful!


» EXTRA: Emmet Shortcode Tutorial:


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Thank you for watching and interacting on TGODtutorials. I hope to see you back here next Tuesday for another Tutorial! Keep Making!

You guys are awesome for getting us to 4,490+ Subscribers before this week’s tutorial! WHOOPIEE!! 😀


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