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WordPress Website Design | How to make a WordPress Website | Website Design Tutorial For Beginners

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Click the link below to get started with your free exclusive video training!

View this video if you want to know how to make your own website in under 10 minutes without any web design knowledge. I’ll show you how to make a website using the free website builder, wordpress. Designing free websites doesn’t get simpler than this; you’ll be amazed at how simple it is! You’ll be able to build the best websites that are fully customizable and look incredible.

It’s really vital to have a web presence now with more and more people turning to the internet in search of information, products and services. Making a website gives you an opportunity to connect with others online. Whether you want to make an ecommerce website or make a website for free sharing of information, blogging or something entirely different, wordpress is the best website builder for the job.

Website development with wordpress is one of the leading choices because it’s such a powerful platform that’s a straight-out-of-the-box solution. Millions of people around the world make websites with wordpress. You don’t need to hire a web design company or use a web developer to build a website because you can do it all with just a few clicks of a button.
So, why should you make a website for free with wordpress? Here’s why:

Customization: You can be your own webmaster with wordpress because it’s that simple to use and it comes with so many customization options. With a click of button you can completely redesign the functionality and look of the site. Also, there are literally thousands of free website templates (known as themes), that you can apply to your website design. You can make your own website look professional and inviting. The functionality ensures that your website is simple to navigate for both you and your online visitors. In addition to the free web templates, there are also plenty of plug-ins and widgets readily available.

Integration: Web page design is highly integrated with wordpress. You can add online payment systems, calendars, music and video players, social media, search bars and e-commerce capabilities. Just with a click of a button you can add or remove any plug-in you want. This makes it simple to make a free website and have it evolve with you as needed.
Social Media: Today, building a website without social media is very rare. Web site owners want to be able to interact with their followers and drive interest through social media. Web development with wordpress enables social media compatibility. You can connect to twitter, facebook and youtube through simple plug-ins that ensure your audience is constantly updated and current with your website content.

SEO: Often businesses want to know how to make a website that’s SEO friendly. WordPress is brilliant for supporting SEO because you can add tags to pages, posts and sections that are indexed by Google, ensuring that your website can be easily located by customers or other people interested in your website content. With a click of a button the SEO plug-in updates your information, making your website attractive to Google because it recognizes fresh content. This help to enhance SEO and improve page rankings.

A Site for Life: Using wordpress for making a website will give you a site for life. This web design software will grow along side you. When you want to make a website expand you only need to click a button to add a new posts, page or section. The scope is virtually unlimited.
Plenty of Support: Design tutorials
So to sum up, why make your own website using wordpress?
• Speed — Within a matter of minutes you can make a free website using this software.
• Functionality — Thousands of plug-ins and widgets are freely available to customize your site and add as much functionality as you need.
• Design — Your website can look as though it was made by professional web designers through the quality of designs available to select from in the wordpress templates.
• Web 2:0 — If you want to know how to build a website that is going to connect with social media, wordpress is a fantastic choice.
• Open Source — Completely free!

• Ease of Use — Nearly anyone can use wordpress as their website creator because it’s so simple to use.

So, let’s get started on building a website for you!

Click on the link below this video

and I’ll show you exactly how this website maker works and we will step through making a website from start to end in less than ten minutes. You’ll receive plenty of fantastic tips and advice on how to make a website from scratch. You’ll make a website with wordpress in next to know time and I know you’ll be very impressed with this incredible platform! If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Also, feel free to share this video so that others can benefit.


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